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"Ms. Kim tutored my son for six months. During this time, my son made dramatic strides in all aspects of English. She brought a wealth of experience and impeccable academic background. Ms. Kim is an exceptionally talented and gifted teacher with deep understanding of the needs of the struggling student as my son was. We were very fortunate to have Ms. Kim as a tutor and I highly recommend her."

- Parent of 5th grade student

"I worked with Grace for about 3 months. I wanted to improve my speaking skills and pronunciation, and Grace helped me a lot. She was always able to answer all my questions about different aspects of English, like grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and cultural aspects of the language.

I've become more comfortable and confident with my English.


Thank you so much Grace!"

- Young adult ESL student

"Ms. Kim helped me through the college essay process, starting from brainstorming, writing an outline, to perfecting drafts. She talked through the revision process and discussed with me how I can edit my essay show myself through the writing. I was never confident in writing essays, but she taught me lots of simple tips to juice up my writing, and make myself stand out from other applicants. With the help from Ms. Kim, I was also able to find my identity, and build up confidence to submit a good college application!"

- 12th grade student

"Grace was an amazing tutor who created a 'curriculum' that was molded perfectly to my needs. She was extremely helpful for the variety of types of essays on which I required assistance."

- 11th grade student

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