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Online tutoring and consulting from the comfort of your home wherever you may live!

Please contact me if you are interested using the method you feel most comfortable:

Emails, Texts, or Calls!


Ask about the FREE 1 hour parent initial phone consultation to set up tutoring or college advising.

With large class sizes, could your student benefit from one-on-one personalized instruction?

Is your student struggling in English or Language Arts classes?

Have you tried other tutoring services and they have not been successful?

Is your student not challenged in his/her current English class and wants to excel at an advanced level?

Could your senior (late spring of junior year or earlier) in high school use help with writing successful college applications?

Could your secondary school student use help with writing successful independent secondary school or summer program applications? 

Have you newly immigrated to the U.S. and would prefer one-on-one tutor sessions vs. large classrooms?

Expertise in all study areas of English

from Preschool through Graduate School (including but not limited to):

All Essay writing categories

Analysis and Critical Thinking

College applications

English as Second Language (ESL)

Introduction to writing

Interview prep for school admission or internship/ employment positions

Literary Devices, including Figurative Language

Oral presentations/Speeches

Organizational skills, Time management & Study habits

Reading: Using 9 Components of Effective, Research-Supported Reading Instruction

Reading Comprehension

SAT, ACT & AP Tests prep

SSAT & ISEE (Independent school entrance exams) Tests prep

Secondary School/Program/Internship applications

Verbal communication proficiency 


Writing conventions: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization

What would be your advantage with me? Find out!

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