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Leading such busy lives, it is understandable that some parents and students have pre-conceived ideas or are unaware about recent changes to gain admission into the elite colleges and universities or other colleges and universities of their students' choice. Many are not prepared for the reality of what it actually takes. The landscape for admissions has changed in its entirety. Competition is fierce and being overconfident can have dire consequences. High GPAs and standardized test scores are often viewed as secondary, even if students receive exceptional SAT or ACT scores. Some colleges and universities are no longer accepting SAT scores and many are making submission optional, which is favorable if students do not receive high scores! There are many parts of the application that admissions committees weigh more heavily than GPAs and standardized scores, such as essays, extracurriculars and building high school "portfolios" to complete the resume.

This next fact is what I especially want to emphasize as the current state of affairs with college admissions. I am sure you are aware that all colleges and universities are admitting significantly higher numbers of historically underrepresented and underprivileged students of color. As a result, admissions are now far more difficult for students in higher socio-economic demographics and those who are also the cream of the crop, the most elite students, who should be admitted by merit. This is VERY important to understand as your student considers which educational institutions and how many to apply to.


The college application process is grueling and just plain exhausting, frustrating, and burn out is very common for students. Not only are they participating in their sports, other activities and performing school homework (or in the summers, other extracurriculars), they are simultaneously needing to write many essays. The "personal statement" or Common App is the one that takes months and is like nothing they have ever had to write before. In addition to that essay, there are between 2 - 4 essays for each college or university. And again these essays are also unlike any essays they have ever written before. Even with my best writers, students should expect that these essays will take around 3 times more than an average essay. But as a team, we collaborate, and I encourage and keep them on task during the entire duration. We usually start around late spring of junior year or earlier, it is up to the students! I can definitely advise parents and students when to begin if that would be beneficial, there are specific factors to consider.

You will find that my charges are substantially lower, yet your student will receive far more services. When you conduct research for your children, you will find that private college advising and consulting is outrageously expensive. And yet in spite of the inordinate cost, I have not seen any that work with students on the actual essay writing which is the most critical and most difficult component on which to collaborate with students. The reason they do not work on the essay writing is because it takes a distinct and unique skill set which is one of my areas of expertise and it is extensive and demanding for me, with the constant pressures for productivity and output in each session with deadlines looming.

I want to make my services the most affordable for parents and there is flexibility on the start date and throughout the process in the summer and school year. Please inquire about the options in person.

  • I have an excellent rate of admission into the elite colleges and universities.

Services include but are not limited to the following:


  • All essay writing, resume, and all other parts of the applications your student needs to fill out.


  • Recommendations will be suggested to optimize the high school resume.


  • Instructions on what to research and suggestions on whom to contact.


  • Personalized recommendations of colleges and universities. I personally have knowledge of the quality of education, campus atmosphere and locations of numerous colleges and universities.​​

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