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I conduct Online Tutoring and Phone/Online Consultations.

About Online Tutoring:

In my many years of experience, I have found that it is the most effective method for all ages of students with all types of learning styles. I believe that I hold myself to the highest standards of excellence and if I didn't think that online tutoring was a productive, effective and efficient method of tutoring, I would never offer it as a service. Furthermore, I have found that students are even more focused and engaged using this technology and kids of all ages really enjoy it! 

Tutoring and Other Services Hourly Rates:

  • Grades K – 8: $50

  • Grades 9 –12: $60

  • ESL Students: same grade level rates

  • College students/Adults: $65

  • Initial student assessments: same grade level rates

  • I work a Monday to Friday Schedule. See below for the exception.

  • College applications: Please see the College Advising tab and inquire in person for services and rates.

    • ​This is the only exception I make for online sessions during the weekends if close to deadlines, not regular sessions.

  • AP/IB classes and Standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE): Weekdays only

    • Grades K - 8: School week - $60

    • Grades 9 - 12: School week - $70

  • Feedback/critique of school essays and related writing assignments (outside of sessions):

    • Grades 6 - 8: School week - $50, Weekends - $70

    • Grades 9 - 12: School week - $60, Weekends - $80

  • Programs/ Internships and the like, Private school essays and related materials for both students and parents, and Interview Prep:​

    • Grades K - 8: School week - $60, Weekends - $80

    • Grades 9 - 12: School week - $70, Weekends - $90

I will make an initial evaluation and assessment of the needs and achievable goals of the student and create an individualized plan.


If desired, I will suggest:

  • the number of times per week that would enable the student to meet his/her goals (depending on my availability).


Depending on parents' interests and involvement, I will give updates:

  • of the student’s positive progress and successes.

  • if the student is making less progress than expected or student’s negative attitude, behavior and not following instruction is hindering progress.


**I do not charge for preparation time for each session's individualized curriculum nor for parent progress updates, which take a considerable amount of time. 

**I also send texts and emails directly to students in regards to school homework or those that I assign. My students also know that they can and are often encouraged to text/email with specific homework questions anytime during the week outside of their sessions without charge.

For Consulting: Please ask about my hourly rates in person which are determined by the type of consultation:

I do consultations with parents and students which include but are not limited to:

  • Discussions of school, college and/or program options and selections to meet the particular needs of their child/children. Many factors and aspects are discussed, including the specific schools, colleges and/ program options best individually suited.

  • Interventions which would benefit their child/children struggling with problems affecting academic performance or to address issues such as stress, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, etc..

  • Instruction of parents on how to effectively work with their child/children to improve the outcomes of these issues.

Note: If at some point, I assess that it is in the best interest for the student and/or the parent to undergo consulting in addition to tutoring in order to have a more effective and successful outcome, I will strongly recommend it.


I accept Venmo. Invoices are sent on the last day of each month. 

The availability that I uniquely offer:

My students and their parents know that they have complete accessibility to me via their preferred method of communication: texts, emails, and calls and that I am very responsive, on weekdays and weekends.

Policies: These policies are in place because of past experiences of parents taking excessive advantage of former policies and just as importantly about the commitment I state below.


Any time before a scheduled session, the more advanced, the better, please contact me when you need to cancel for your child/children

  • Even in the case of an emergency, illness, or an abrupt schedule change where your child cannot make a session, you will still need to reschedule the cancellation. Please see below. 

  • If the cancellation takes place within 4 hours of the time of the scheduled tutoring session, the fee will be the hourly rate. No exceptions.

**Thank you for your understanding when I need to do the same in the case of an emergency or serious illness.

Rescheduling Cancellations​:

During the school year, my expectation is to work together with me to reschedule the lesson that was cancelled for either the same week or the week after. If not, it will be counted as a missed session.

**If it is something that can be rescheduled, please make every effort to do so.

IN SUMMARY: There is no cancellation fee if you Reschedule Cancellations within the same week or the week after.

Important Note:

~On a case-by-case basis, I may determine that either there has been an excessive number of cancellations accumulated in a certain period of time or it is not a good fit for both the student(s), parents, and myself.

~A three-week notice will be given of the determination. Then based on the severity, I will notify termination of services effective immediately or two weeks thereafter, in which case the parent will be given the choice to end services immediately. Payment will be required for the next two weeks.

~In sudden very adverse circumstances, I reserve the right to immediately discontinue tutoring services with your child/children.


The No-show fee is the full hourly rate. No exceptions.

Schedule change requests after school year schedule is set:

If you need to change your tutoring schedule from the previously established one, a 3-week advance notice is required so that I can ask the other parents/ students if they can change their times. If this time of advance notice is not given, you will be charged the hourly fee for the next 2 weeks.

**If I cannot accommodate, your child, you will need to decide if you want to keep the original day and time. If you choose against this, you will be placed on my waitlist and will be rescheduled as soon as I have an opening. It is sometimes unpredictable, so I may have one come up soon after or it may be a longer wait.

**Please understand the difficulty of accommodating these schedule change requests when your children have such full daily schedules.


If you decide to discontinue tutoring, a 3-week advance notice is required. If you choose to discontinue in a certain week following your student's lesson that week, the hourly rate will be required for the next 3 weeks. A more advance notice is appreciated. No exceptions.

Late start time:

If a student is late to start a session, it will still conclude at the originally designated end time (as I think is obvious, my students are scheduled back-to-back with short breaks).

  • If I FaceTime or use a different platform and the student doesn't answer or show, I will wait 15 minutes and if a student doesn't text me or try to return my FaceTime or get on the platform during that duration of time to let me know if the student can make the session, it will be considered a no-show. No exceptions. If I am late (which is a rare occurrence), I will end later by however many minutes I am late.

Exceeded designated session time:

If the session ends 15 minutes over the scheduled time, you will be charged for that extra time. I have not charged in the past and have let it go countless times, but it is a matter of fairness and standard business practice that I do. The one exception: I will not charge for college applicants.


Tutoring is a weekly commitment with me. Cancellations are disruptive to learning the most difficult subject at which to become proficient or excel. You are paying for my unique and extensive expertise and the time that is specifically reserved for each of your children.

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